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Masini Jars

Masini Jars

Masini Jars

Bring a touch of Tuscany into your own garden. Casatina distributes timeless, indestructible terracotta jars with direct sales for projects and private gardens.

Here skilled craftsmen spend several weeks completing each pot. Every jar is handmade so that each gets its own charming distinctive character.

The specially designed jars are a unique gift idea for weddings, round birthdays and other special occasions. All original Masini jars in Florence come with a certificate of origin and are only available through Casatina. All jars are made of natural material with a long shelf life and are sustainable – making the jars both a very durable solution, but also a solution with good conscience.

Italian Design

Decorate your outdoor area with these beautiful jars. Place the beautiful Italian jars alone, in groups, on a bare spot in the garden – or wherever you think they garnish your balcony, patio or garden.

Fill the jars with the scent and feel of Tuscany – herbs, citrus plants, olive trees or sunflowers. Or plant them with traditional Danish flowers in summer and boxwood or other evergreen in winter. These jars are suitable for everything. They are frost-proof and can stand all year, all life – and even get passed down to the next generation.

Jars in all types and sizes 

In the middle of Tuscany’s soft, hilly countryside, just outside Florence, lies the small town, Impruneta. The city has been famous for centuries for its fine terracotta products. Here is also the handicraft workshop Masini, where all jars are made.

In this bounded area the soil has a high content of sand, iron oxide and calcium carbonate. The Masini family has their own clay pit where they excavate clay of a very special nature that makes their terracotta particularly resistant to weather and wind.

Handmade quality

For hundreds of years, skilled, local potters have transformed the gray clay into exceptional durable and sustainable terracotta products in the distinctive warm sun shades of Tuscany. Masini still uses the noble, ancient craftsmanship and produces both modern pottery and classic jars according to his own antique drawings. The Italian jars are very durable and can stand all year round and the robustness makes the jars tolerate even the coldest Danish winter. Just make sure the soil is well drained and excess water can run out.