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Cookie- and Privacy policy

Cookie- and Privacy policy

Cookie- and Privacy policy

We take care of your personal data

Privacy Policy

One of Casatina ApS’s overall goals is to maintain the highest level of security for our customers and business partners, even when it comes to the protection of personal data. Casatina ApS has therefore established a policy for how Casatina ApS handles your personal information.

1. Data controller

Casatina ApS operates Casatina.dk, resellers and B2B.

Casatina ApS (hereinafter referred to as Casatina) is the data controller.

Casatina’s contact information is: Casatina ApS, Århusgade 88, 4., 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Tina Rasmussen, tr@casatina.dk.

Casatina does all handling of personal data in accordance with applicable law.

Casatina has adapted relevant processes and systems according to the new EU rules for processing personal data (GDPR).

Casatina sells physical products.

When you, when ordering one or more products and by purchase, submit your personal information to Casatina, you also consent to your personal data being processed by Casatina.

2. How is personal data collected?

Casatina collects personal information as follows:

When you choose to buy one or more of Casatina’s services or products.

From people acting on your behalf.

In B2B market.

For example, in a sales situation where offers are requested for one of Casatina’s services.

When you subscribe to Casatinas newsletters.

From social media, advertising and analysis providers as well as public records.

The collection of personal data and the processing thereof will always be done in accordance with the law.

3. What information does Casatina collect? 

Casatina collects, among other things, the following personal information: 

Name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth and other general personal information 

Purchase history 

Feedback via physical as online based competitions 

Feedback on social media and other digital platforms

Browser information

Information about your business and relevant contact persons

Object information from you itself, Casatina will in some cases supplement our information with information that we have received from third parties, such as a partner.

In these cases, the third party is required to inform the customers involved about Casatina’s terms and conditions and the current privacy policy. And to provide the necessary consent for the registration and processing of any sensitive information.

4. What is the purpose of the collection? 

Casatina solely collects personal data necessary for the purpose described in the separate terms and conditions of that service and in this Privacy Policy.

Casatina’s Personal Data Collection may be one or more of the following: 

Processing of your purchases of Casatinas products.

Contact you before, during or after your purchase.

Improving and developing Casatinas services.

Adapting Casatinas communications and marketing to you.

Analyzing your user behavior and re-marketing.

Administration of your relationship with Casatina. 

Compliance with legal requirements.

5. The legal basis for the treatment 

Casatina bases the processing of your personal data on the following legal basis. 

Casatina may, for example, process your personal data because it is necessary to fulfill a purchase you are party to. 

Likewise, Casatina may process your personal information in order to complete certain actions and / or preparations at your request prior to the conclusion of a contract.

The treatment may also take place for Casatina to pursue a legitimate interest, unless your interest precedes this.

Of legitimate interests pursued by Casatina may include, inter alia, statistics, customer surveys, interest-based marketing and analysis of general user behavior, including the purpose of improving your benefits, your experience and the quality of Casatinas services.

6. Your rights 

According to the Personal Data Regulation, you have a number of rights in which personal data, Casatina processes and records.

The rights are as follows: 

You have the right to access and the right to be corrected, updated and deleted the personal data that Casatina has registered about 

If you want to delete your personal data, Casatina will delete all information that Casatina is not required by law to store. 

If the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw the consent, which means that processing thereafter ceases unless Casatina is required by law to process the personal data. 

However, access may be limited for the privacy of other persons, for business secrets and intellectual property rights.

You may, upon written request to Casatina, either receive a copy of your personal data, be updated your personal information, make insights requests to delete your personal information.

The request must be signed by you and include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and your customer number if any. 

Casatina will send it to your e-mail within one week of receiving your request for printout. 

Upon request for corrections and / or deletion of your personal data, Casatina will investigate whether the terms are fulfilled and, if so, implement changes or deletions as soon as possible.

Casatina may reject requests that are either unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical intervention (for example, to develop a new system or substantially alter an existing practice), affect the protection of personal information, or in situations where the requested action is considered to be extremely complicated (for example, requests for backup information only). 

7. Security of storage and sharing of your personal information

Casatina protects your personal information from unauthorized disclosure and against unauthorized access or knowledge of them.

In the event of a breach of security that results in a high risk to you of discrimination, identity theft, financial loss, loss of reputation or other significant disadvantage, Casatina will notify you of the breach as soon as possible

In addition to Casatinas internal systems, Casatina uses external suppliers of IT services, IT systems, payment solutions, etc. 

Casatina has secured the processing of data processing agreements with all those involved suppliers according to the new EU rules for processing personal data (GDPR). This will ensure a high level of protection of your personal data. 

Casatina may also be required to disclose personal data under law or by public authority decision. 

Casatina deletes your personal data when Casatina is no longer required by law to do so. save the information or when there is no longer a purpose for the treatment.

8. Contact 

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about Casatina’s processing of personal data, you can contact us in writing to: 

Tina Rasmussen, Århusgade 88, 4., 2100 København Ø – tr@casatina.dk. 

If this does not lead to a clarification, a possible complaint can then be directed to the Data Inspectorate.

The current contact address can be found at www.datatilsynet.dk.

Any changes to the personal data policy will be announced by publishing new terms and conditions on the Casatinas website. The latest revision is: 25th of march, 2019