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Casatina as brand agent

Casatina as brand agent

Casatina as brand agent

Casatina supports your strategy and strives to achieve the desired position in the market. We sell your brand to a suitable selection of retail stores and webshops that fit your brand. We ensure that your brand is presented in a way that supports the brand and helps to increase the brand value. We do this by working closely with the retailer / webshop to agree on how your products should appear in the store and / or on the webshop.

We ensure an appropriate number of dealers so that the market is covered, but also in a way that the dealers do not cannibalize each other.

Casatina has its existing brands primarily represented in the high-end segment of stores, and we are in close dialogue with the stores just as we visit the stores to ensure that our brands have the best appearance in the stores. We have a close dialogue with the stores and are always agile in relation to fulfill our common goals for your brand. Your brand can be included in a shop as a shop-in-shop, corner, shelf meter or in a mix with other brands.

Casatina also sells products through architects and home stylists to the contract market, where Casatina provides advice and guidance for projects.

We make workshops where the dealers are taught in products and materials and they are introduced to news, possible campaigns and new collections on an ongoing basis.

In addition to the sales to the stores and the contract market, we also continuously work with PR for your brand, It can be managed directly by Casatina, but also in a collaboration with a PR agency.