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Casatina is a brandhouse established in 2012 in its present form. The products are for the beautification of the house and the garden, and are primarily in the “soft housing” category, and supplemented with some furniture. All brands are carefully selected, and they complement each other so that the brand owners and retailers can achieve a synergy. Most retailers have several of the brands that Casatina represents.

Common to the products is that they are made from natural materials and, as far as possible, organic: they are manufactured under safe conditions in relation to people and the surrounding environment.

The products are – in our opinion – beautiful and long lasting. Durability in the literal sense of the word, but also durability in relation to a timeless design, without it becoming boring. When you buy a product from one of Casatina’s brands you contribute to a “buy and keep” culture.

Function is also one of the key words when choosing brands. It is not useful that the products are beautiful if they are not functional and durable.

And then there is price and price level, Although the brands we are represented in the high-end segment, we relate actively to the prices, and ensure that it is “value for money”.




Casatina as brand agent